Godzilla 2014 [Popcorn Review]

Finally, the little hyped geek in me saw Godzilla, or as I like to call it (aka. screaming at friends), GOJIRAA. But was it as good as I hoped? Well, let’s say I am happier than the last installment.

Okay let’s first look at the movie cast and the time the movie got released. They made this for the 60th anniversary of Godzilla. It started out as a movie in 1954 by Ishiro Honda. And I gotta say, this new reboot puts in little hidden details throughout the movie that serve as a homage to the original Godzilla movie by Honda.

When Godzilla was first filmed in 1954 it had a point to make. People were worried about the nuclear bombings after World War II and Godzilla was used to warn people about using nuclear weapons. As a deformed animal, it ravaged Japan and destroyed everything. After many years there are numerous rip-offs, spin-offs and other films containing this monster, but only the first Godzilla had a point to make. The rest were made just to see a bad-ass monster devour cities.

The newest installment, however, does respect the 1954 version. They named the main doctor in the movie the same as he was called in the first version, there are new monsters that devour nuclear weapons and many others things for those that pay attention. If you’re a fan of the original, you will enjoy these little details. I did.


Anyhow let’s check out the cast.

We have the bright shining star, our Heisenberg, the drug kingpin, Bryan Cranston! Hoooray! And he appears only in the first 30 mins. Nice going Gareth Edwards, really smooth of you. You get one of the best actors out there today and you give him that little screen time. Hmpf. Well at least he got more than the actual Godzilla.

Besides Cranston we have the star of Kick-Ass (god how I hate THAT movie) Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Okay I have nothing against the fella, he did an okay job. I guess. It was a bland performance over all, but I didn’t expect fireworks. Why the heck is he playing the main role when we have Cranston, though? WHY?!?!

*breathes fire out of nostrils*


Okay when I got that out of my system let’s check out some more of the cast. We have Sally Hawkins. She did okay I guess. Not much space to be creative with her role, though.

And of course, there is Ken Watanabe. This dude is great in every movie I’ve ever seen him in. Yes, even when he is performing with Tom Cruise. Ugh.

Gonna skip the rest of the cast, to come to the genius director named Gareth Edwards. Mr Edwards has only done monster movies as far as I can see and I guess it shows? Anyhow. Not a very good job here.

The movie… Well I gotta admit there are some really good things about this movie. First of all we have a good background story, which is based on the 1954 original and I applaud that. The filming of the scenes from the 1950’s is made very well, and I enjoyed that part a lot.

Beside that we have a very good, albeit short, performance by Bryan Cranston who did a great job in the first 30 minutes. Too bad we didn’t get a proper showdown with him and the kaijus as that would’ve been cool. Why couldn’t he stay longer, perhaps shoot a bazooka at them and say :

Yippie-Ki-Yay MotherFucker!

Now that would be some proper stuff. Besides Cranston’s performance, Watanabe does a very good job also.

Another on my plus list is the Godzilla himself. He is really amazing and the way he roars! Very nice visual effects, I was really impressed! It would be also nice if Godzilla was the main character in his own movie too! More screen time also! Damnit.

Okay, let’s check out the negatives I’ve found.

First of all, as I’ve said before, Cranston’s screen-time. Big no no. Also, Godzilla screen-time. I’ve come to watch Godzilla kick ass and roar. Not to see some MUTOs mate and lay eggs everywhere. If I wanted to watch weird people mating and laying eggs, I’d watch Jersey Shore or Big Brother.

The movie really drags out the showdown between Godzilla and the MUTO’s. I was really looking forward to them beating seven shades of crap out of each other but every time they started fighting the scenes changed. Sure they were teasing because the main showdown needed to happen at the end. Was the main showdown any good then? It was mediocre at best, sadly. Sure we got some destruction and tail action but there wasn’t enough of it for my taste. At least they brought back the atomic-breath from the original Godzilla. That was good.


I get why there was also so much heart tearing human interaction, but the human story doesn’t pay off in the movie at all. I didn’t feel connected to any of the actors, they didn’t deliver the performance they should. It just felt like a drag, I kept wanting for them to piss off so I could see more of that bad ass Godzilla. At one point even, my friend who brought tuna with broccoli to the cinema (yes , he is weird like that), eating with a silverware fork, was also nagging about how they were boring him to tears. He at least had his broccoli.

Also the mistakes in the movie. Oh my, I must have counted more than 20 of them just at that one sitting. Can’t wait for Cinema Sins to scour through this movie for a final count. I mean, seriously, a bus stops because a huge pole fell in front of it and then in the next shot after 3 seconds they just drive forward? The pole disappears? Also the A-bomb is set to explode in one hour during which our main actor runs across the entire San Francisco, jumps from an airplane, fights monsters and takes a stroll on a boat. That’s a really long hour!

The ending. Why such an abrupt end? Godzilla just sways away into the sea? The hell?

Furthermore, don’t bother yourself with the 3D version. Aside from some really nice scenery of the forest and helicopters flying around, I don’t remember seeing anything that would stun me in 3D. I kinda even forgot I was looking at a movie made in 3D. Meh.

All in all I was not impressed by this movie at all. But because I really liked Godzilla’s visuals, and there were some good things in the movie I’ll rate this movie:

The Popcorn Reporter gives this movie 6/10 buckets. 


Next week I’m hoping I’ll manage to see the new X-Men:Days of Future Past and The Grand Budapest Hotel .

Stick around!


4 thoughts on “Godzilla 2014 [Popcorn Review]

  1. awax1217

    There was a few scenes in the original which were actually excellent. The scenes on the island were really good. Godzilla in the storm and the few seconds you actually see him. The plane flying over the ocean not realizing that below them was a ship being vaporized. The movie had tons of good points in it. Introducing Raymond Burr was an after thought to get the American audience to buy into the film. I believe he was paid a little money for only a few actual hours of work. Godzilla was an animal. Irrational and unpredictable. Why fry the freighters? Were they in his territory? And why did no one notice this creature? Just rumors and the animal is that big. What did he eat? I mean the fishing boats would have noticed him. Big questions for a large animal.

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